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I first established the PIVARES group at Queensland Children's Hospital as a pool of nurses with in-depth knowledge of respiratory issues and therapy as a specialist service within PICU.

The aim was to create a group that would share their special knowledge with other staff and support complex ventilation research projects at the bedside as the PROSPECT trial was coming up...

This has made me realise what a great opportunity for collaboration with other units this is - given that ventilation is the most commonly applied invasive support modality in PICU.  

Tailoring ventilation to a patients needs will allow to maximise ventilator free days, reduce the need for sedatives and potentially reduce the incidence of delirium and muscle weakness. As part of the LIBERATION movement in PICU this topic merits a great deal of attention and further research.

And here we are - on the way to better, safer, shorter and more cost-effective ventilation in critically ill children. 

Join our efforts and help us grow!

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