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This is a topic with much controversy, a maze of definitions and a lack of hard evidence!

VAP             (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia)

PVAP         (Possible Ventilator Associated Pneumonia)

VAE           (Adult Ventilator Associated Event)

VAT           (Ventilator Associated Tracheobronchitis)

VAC          (Ventilator Associated Condition = VAE)

IVAC         (Infection-related ventilator-associated complication)

PedVAE     (Paediatric Ventilator Associated Event)

PNEU        (Non-Ventilator Associated Pneumonia)

PNU 1        (Specific Site Algorithms for Clinically Defined Pneumonia)

PNU 2       (Specific Site Algorithms for Pneumonia with Common Bacterial or Filamentous Fungal Pathogens and Specific                          Laboratory Findings)

PNU 3        (Specific Site Algorithm for Pneumonia in Immunocompromised Patients)

- Events during ventilation causing changes in the fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) and Mean Airway Pressure (MAP) are   associated with increases in patient length of stay as well as mortality.

- PedVAEs are not limited to infectious causes of respiratory deterioration but include other causes such as atelectasis,  
  pneumothorax, pulmonary oedema or pulmonary embolism

- The PedVAE definition algorithm is for use in surveillance; it is not a clinical definition algorithm

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Ventilator Associated Pneumonia is a complication directly linked to invasive ventilation. 

Please find our Evidence-Based Bundle below. 

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